• Blood Sacrifice

    by Barry Hoffman

    Blood Sacrifice

    Barry Hoffman | BUY

    Thea Hughes is the first openly lesbian graduate of the Philadelphia Police Academy. As she struggles to become a homicide detective she faces open hostility and partners who want nothing to do with her. She and her latest partner, Ariel Dampier, were at loggerheads until a serial killer case dropped into their laps. A naked body of a teen runaway painted with her own blood spurs an investigation by the two. Clues are few and they must sadly wait for a second body to inch closer to the killer.

    About The Author

    Barry Hoffman

    Barry Hoffman, a former inner-city teacher, is the published author of seven suspense novels, two short story collections and a YA fantasy trilogy. He is the publisher of Gauntlet Press and was editor/publisher of Gauntlet Magzine which explored censorship. Hoffman has three children, and one granddaughter. Born in New York, and a resident of Philadelphia for thirty years, he now lives in Colorado Springs.

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