• Radical Health

    by Erin Roseman

    Radical Health: Mindset, Energy, And Wellness Insights To Create Your Best Life

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    Radical Health is a real and raw look into the personal journey and struggles the author went through in hopes to inspire others to never give up on themselves or their dreams. Erin brings you through her exploration to finding her passion and happiness. With each story, there is a valuable lesson and some great tools for the readers to implement into their own lives. Radical Health is the bold voice declaring that dreams and goals are closer within reach than we dare imagine.

    About The Author

    Erin Roseman

    A few years ago, Erin Roseman was settling for second best rather than pushing herself to her reach her potential. With a lack of confidence, she didn’t take chances. Until one day she decided it was enough. Today she is a health and wellness coach, as well as the founder of Radical Health. Her journey to personal happiness is at the core of her work and her mission to inspire people to create their best lives.

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