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    • Book Agent
    • Distribution
    • Have your book in our catalogue
    • Join our sister imprint or join our "friends and community" distribution
    • Connections to full publishing and assisted publishing
    • Full publishing set up
    • Branding and brand development
    • Marketing
    • Event planning for book launches, book signings, best seller parties and tours
    • Public engagements 
    • Organizing retreats and workshops
    • Developing a strong community of likeminded authors and entrepreneurs to support each other
    • A loyal fan base that is ever growing
    • Trade shows with our books and authors
    • Social media
    • Assisted course development
    • Business consulting and brainstorming

    Ideation, Production Or Support For Your Book

    Assisted or full production, we create sellable work. You may only have the passion to be an author or maybe you have a full manuscript that just needs some TLC. We are here.

    We create our own ideas which you can become a co-author in to get your feet wet or to add another project to your portfolio in a quick and easy way. We can also help you with your own solo project and help you achieve the success you are looking for.


    Remember, one person can only do so much. Partnering with us opens a lot of doors and add's talent and resources to your project you otherwise would not have.


    We can help you self publish, join an Independent Imprint, run with a Vanity House or look at Traditional Press options.

    A BIG factor to keep in mind - how is your book positioned to get attention from media, book stores and larger distributor companies? Unfortunately distribution companies have many hoops to jump through. Why? Imagine the amount of submissions they receive now that anyone can technically self-publish though CreateSpace (aka Amazon) even without editing - insert gasping face emoji - naturally distributors have become a bit jaded in their submission process. Our team is full time invested in the representation and networking of our books, you and your book could be one of them!

    Branding, Marketing and Agent Representation

    Publishers do very little when it comes to marketing. They do not typically offer branding solutions for authors either. Branding and marketing are two different things, and publishing is something all on it's own as well! Not to mention the business management of your book and then you as an author too.


    Branding - your colours, your look, your message. Keeping it consistent

    Marketing - reaching the masses in a way that will get attention


    If you get a publishing deal you still need your own PR, booking manager, photographer, website, etc.


    We have people that take care of this and a rockstar community that helps each other.


    Join us today!

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