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    Sabrina Greer

    Co-author in: "Dear Limits, Get Out Of My Way!" release spring 2017

    Working with Ky-Lee and Jess has been a dream come true (no exaggeration)! I've always aspired to be a writer but didn't know where or how to start. Being a coauthor on Dear Limits gave me an opportunity to unlock my dormant creativity without having to commit to an overwhelming manuscript. The process was fun, easy and extremely educational. I recommend this to anyone you has a voice they want heard! ~ Sabrina Greer

    Michelle Balfour

    Registered Freelance Editor under the Editors Association of Canada | Bachelor of Arts in Creative Writing and Publishing

    Other over-arching aspects worth mentioning when examining any book are tone and theme. Both need to be kept consistent throughout the course of a book, which can be a difficult task when there is one author involved, let alone many. However, Dear Limits achieves both with shining success! The theme is kept consistent through broad means of subject matter and message, as well as through finer methods such as similar language use. Tone can be a tricky one, but each writer speaks to her audience on an even playing field, as it were; directly referencing the reader and speaking in a conversational manner as equals. That each author employs these tactics, to some degree or another, gives the book a cohesive feeling, despite the multiple voices and points of view that are used throughout.

    Structurally speaking, Dear Limits is “all there”: a framework has been laid, and chapters have been inserted by topic within that framework. The topics have been clearly labelled, allowing a reader to know what’s ahead or to skip back and forth to the subjects that interest them the most. Giving each chapter its own title adds a personal, inviting touch, as well as laying the potential of catching a reader’s eye and interest.

    Andrea Lampe

    Coauthor in "I'm 30, Now What?" release Nov 2017

    The book is amazing! I cannot believe how incredible these women are and even though I haven't met them... I now feel so close to them!!! ... It has been an incredible journey! And cannot thank you enough for this opportunity. I have grown so much and let go of so much pain through this process.

    THANK you!!! ~ Andrea Lampe


    Nichole Cornacchia

    Coauthor in "I'm 30, Now What?" release Nov 2017

    I wanted to take this opportunity to introduce myself. I'm Nichole, one of the co-authors of the book.

    I'm a mom of two gorgeous kids (Jack and Isla), married to the love of my life, Ennis. We live in the west end of Toronto.

    Before this project, I wouldn't really consider myself a writer, although I've always fantasize about it. I often felt I had a few stories that needed to be shared 😉.

    I'm currently on maternity leave with my youngest, Isla...I started working on my chapter when Isla was just a few months old. I was literally typing with her in the baby carrier, while she napped...laptop elevated to be at eye-level. I have to admit, while I was working on my chapter, I thought I would never have a chance to sit down and type for more than 30 minutes at a time. It's astonishing that I was able to complete it at all!

    Writing this chapter has been an extraordinary experience. Not only did I feel supported at home, I felt supported by the community of women working on the book. Although most of us didn't know each other, it was enough for me to know that 19 other women were doing what I was trying to do...give the reader a glimpse into my world. I'm so proud to be part of this community of strong, empowering women!

    I truly hope you enjoy the book!!!

    Mad love ❤️



    Eva Dolejsi

    Organizer of "Kitz 4 Kids" in memory of Andrew Dolejsi

    "Dear Ky-Lee,


    I am on my way to post office to pick up books, many thanks.

    Today is Andrew’s birthday & 10th annual fundraiser & you made it even more special.


    Thank you again,


    Love Eva"

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