• Your Parents Are Cool

    Written by Giulia Ferrari
    Illustrations by Sarah Hankinson

    Your Parents Are Cool

    Your Parents Are Cool, makes a humorous, relevant and realistic comparison between life pre and post baby. The book is narrated by parents reflecting on the good old days. The parties, restaurants, holidays and conversations enjoyed and how it all changed once knee deep in diapers and drool. Accompanied by elegant illustrations, the main message of the book is that even though the disco lights have been turned off, the party is not over and having a kid doesn’t mean you have to totally lose your cool.

    About The Author

    Giulia Farrari

    Giulia Ferrari is a Melbourne based writer and teacher, ex party girl, avid traveller, wife, and now a MOTHER!


    After her daughter Alexa arrived, Ferrari would find herself on the phone laughing (sometimes crying) to her friends about how life had changed.


    Giulia quickly learned that the fun was definitely not over... in fact, it had only just begun.


    Connect with Giulia:

    ig | fb @yourparentsarecool


    About The Illustrator

    Sarah Hankinson

    Sarah Hankinson captures the pulse of modern style with her classic illustrations, which pair soft splashes of colors and meticulous line work to portray control and impulse, form and silhouette.


    Her work balances light and dark to create elegant illustrations drawn with a harmonious combination of traditional and mixed media techniques.


    Some of Sarah’s clients include Harper’s Bazaar Magazine, Maybelline New York-Austraila, and US Target.


    Connect with Sarah:

    ig | fb @sarahhankinsonillustration



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